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Get Involved
We are looking for long-term commitments from our business partners to sponsor one of our SIX main workstreams. This has multiple benefits:
- you can choose an area of work (such as sports, arts, youth leadership, multimedia production) that resonates with your corporate values
- you will know that your budget is being spent directly on this activity
- your company can reap the associated PR benefits of helping to make each life-changing workstream a success.

Centrale cheque

Get Really Involved
There is also a need for direct business partners and support at an individual club level.
This gives your business the chance to get directly involved with a club on your doorstep, taking an active role with volunteering opportunities for your staff or using managerial or corporate governance skills as a trustee.

Social return on your CSR investment
Research has shown that intervention in youth services – such as SCYP – has one of the highest social impacts possible with the returns on investment felt by individuals, the community and society as a whole.

The Benefits to You
Involvement with SCYP is an ideal way top demonstrate your support for the local community. In return youer business can be viewed in amore positive light.

There are numerous opportunities for staff involvement, volunteering or fundraising. As a charity all donatiopns qualify for tax-relief.

Working with SCYP enables your business to make connections and investment way beyond the bottom line.

Registered Charity

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP)
is a registered charity no. 305153


Units 1, 3 and 4 Edolphs Farm,
Norwood Hill Road,
Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 03B


Tel: 01293 862528

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