Why Donate – Case Studies

By developing & demonstrating skills in areas such as sports, arts & leadership we act to offer life-choice and long-term problems such as drug & alcohol dependency and youth crime.

Changing Lives by Creating Opportunity – Kris
SCYP supports very difficult to reach young people. Kris is a young man who was introduced to us by the ADHD Studio, he had no previous work experience. With us he participated in many activities, completed the SCYP 100 mile canoe challenge three times and his participation in youth leadership training and a personal reference from us… was able to become employed as a full-time Councillor at Camp America in the USA…!

Changing Lives by Building Confidence – Ross
SCYP provide individuals with life-skills. Ross is a young carer who started attending club at age 12. This is what he has to say about SCYP. “Surrey Clubs for #Young People have helped me by giving me amazing opportunities to go on trips and participate in events such as the 100 mile kayak challenge and youth leadership course. They also invited me to their annual xcharity golf day which was brilliant. Sponsorship of my golf membership has given me the opportunity to play in many competitions. I have won lots of tournaments which has helped my confidence”.

White Horse

Sustaining Communities – White Horse Youth Centre Croydon
SCYP are always prepared to get involved even when situations look desperate. Financial cuts meant that Croydon Youth Service could no longer support the White Horse Youth Centre which had been in operation since 1932. This meant that paid council youth workers were no longer employed at the centre which had to close temporarily leaving local youth with few choices.

SCYP recruited volunteers and introduced a business model to keep the centre running. Through funding from Variety Club and Sportivate a cafe-bar area was re-fitted and sports equipment installed. After the civil unrest in Croydon SCYP worked with Staples, an international retailer with a large store close to the White Horse Centre.The business involvement has been hugely motivating for the youth centre management and provided a local focus for all charitable activity within Staples itself.

Meeting Community Need – Beare Green
SCYP serve ALL of Surrey, it is not just urban areas that experience anti-social issues. Beare Green is A semi-rural, ostensibly wealthy village. However it is poorly served by public transport and consequently young people would congregate around the local bus shelter leading to residents complaining about escalating anti-social behaviour.

A village meeting was attended by all sections of the village and young people felt they finally had a voice. They wanted somewhere outside of their homes and away from their parents where they could meet up and at the very least play a round of pool.

SCYP initiated a programme at the village hall of twice weekly club nights. A key part of the club foundation is a set of rules that the young people have drawn up outlining behaviour that is not acceptable in the hall and surrounding areas. This helps to engender a sense of ownership and participation in the community that previously they felt marginalised them.

Registered Charity

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP)
is a registered charity no. 305153


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