100 Mile Canoe Test

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This is the 49th annual event of the 100 Mile Canoe Test, taking place on the river Wye; from Glasbury to Monmouth.

Imagine you’re 16, you’re asked if you want to meet a bunch of strangers and undertake a canoe trip lasting 100 miles, over the course of 4 days. You’ll have to camp and cook in all weathers, and that’s only if you can survive the physically-testing training days during the 2 months leading up to the event. It’s going to be tough; challenging your physical and emotional parameters. It’s going to take commitment, adaptability and teamwork, and the only reward you’ll receive is the satisfaction of completing the challenge – <b>Would you be up for it?<b>

Since 1964 hundreds of boys and girls from a wide range of backgrounds, all across Surrey have taken on the challenge. They have included young carers, excluded youths and troubled teenagers. Many of those who have taken part have gone on to become accomplished canoe leaders in their community.

It costs around £1500 per participant and <b>Surrey Clubs for Young people<b> subsidise 90% of the cost, only asking each youth to contribute £125 to this adventure. Your donation could help make the difference to one young person by giving them the opportunity to succeed in this endeavour.

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