Demo Pod – Taster Session

Activity description

On board the Demo Pod young people have the chance to participate in a 2 hour taster session in one of the following:

-      Music production – using Logic Express participant will develop skills in music theory and composition. Other activities can include basic drumming and keyboard performance skills, introduction to digital DJing.

-      Photography – using high quality digital SLR cameras participants will learn basic photography techniques. They will complete short tasks in creative and technical photography.

How many sessions:
1 session – 2 hours

Non-affiliated clubs                                        £137.50
Full Time Club (4-5 nights per week)        £125
Part-time Clubs (2-3 nights per week)    £112.50 (10% saving)
Weekly Club (or less)                                     £100                       (20% saving)

-          CD of music produced
-          Printed Photographs
-          Photographs written onto CD
-          Upload onto mobile media device (such as mobile phone)


“When is the Demo Pod coming back to my club???”

George (8 years) – Mid Surrey Young Carers

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