Demo Pod – Media Day

Activity description

The Demo Pod Media day is an opportunity for young people to experience a variety of media formats and develop skills in both music and film production. The day is split into 2 parts. The objective of the day is to produce a short film and create soundtracks for advertisements.

Short Film Production – the group will discuss genres of film, roles of those involved in film production, equipment/resources required and create storyboards. They will have an opportunity to use our Green Screen facility to alter the background of their move. There are a number of roles to fill so not everybody has to be in front of the camera.

Music Production – using industry standard software participants will create an instrumental soundtrack for TV advertisements. They will gain knowledge in the importance of timing, genre and instrumentation when composing for image.

There will be digital SLR cameras to capture the group at work and record the enjoyment of the day.

How many sessions
1 session – 5 hours (inc. 1 hour lunch break)


-          DVD of short movie and Advertisements (with soundtracks produced)
-          CD of photographs taken on the day


“Thank you for coming to run our Media Day again, the Team has a lot of fun!”

Sophie (Projects Youth Worker) – Plantation, Guildford YMCA

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