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Activity Description

The most effective way to promote a youth project is to let those whom benefit from it most tell the story. That’s why the Demo Pod encourages young people to be actively involved in the promotion of their own clubs. By providing them with the necessary equipment and guidance the Demo Pod is able to facilitate the production of a short promotional DVD for clubs and projects to send to funders, supporters and prospective members. The project is broken down into 3 stages:

-          Pre Production – The group will be taken through the planning stage, looking at genre, equipment/resources and roles. They will create storyboards (which will assist the production & post-production stages.

-          Production – Over the course of 2 sessions the group will capture the footage as planned during the pre-production stage. They will have the opportunity to film as a whole group or divide into smaller groups in order to capture the footage.

-          Post Production – Participants will have the opportunity to begin the editing process (using iMovies). The editing will then be completed by Demo Pod staff (to the specified brief created by the club/project).

How many sessions
4 sessions (2 hours each)

Additional DVDs – £50p each

DVD for each of the participants
2 x Master DVD for club/project
CD of photographs from the project


“It’s a great way to get funders and supporters to see what the young people can achieve”

Stuart (Club Leader) – Westcott Youth Club

Registered Charity

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP)
is a registered charity no. 305153


Units 1, 3 and 4 Edolphs Farm,
Norwood Hill Road,
Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 03B


Tel: 01293 862528

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