Cage Football & Skate Park–Taster Session


Activity description

We will turn up and assemble the Mobile Skate Ramps and Football Cage so that young people will be given the chance to experience different, exciting sporting activities.  All sessions are lead by 2 SCYP staff members and equipment (skateboards and helmets) will be available for people to borrow if they do not have their own.

In the 2 on 2 football cage, close skill and ability is pushed to the limit and on the back of these taster days and mini tournaments within, the young people participating will be given the opportunity to practice further and enter our County Competition.

Venue needs to be a suitable surface for the cage and skate park.

How many sessions
1 session – up to 3 hours


-          Learn and develop core skills in two radical sporting activities
-          Improved Fitness
-          Engage young people in a new activity
-          Upon completion club and young people will be invited to attend local competitions


Non-affiliated clubs                                        £193
Full Time Club (4-5 nights per week)         £176
Part-time Clubs (2-3 nights per week)       £158                      (10% saving)
Weekly Club (or less)                                    £140                      (20% saving)

Registered Charity

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP)
is a registered charity no. 305153


Units 1, 3 and 4 Edolphs Farm,
Norwood Hill Road,
Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 03B


Tel: 01293 862528

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