Taster Session – Dodgeball / Trampolining


Activity description

Dodgeball            Young people have the chance to participate in a fun 2 hour Dodgeball taster session, where they will learn the true format of the game and develop their skills and understanding of the rules.

Participating in some tournament style play will prepare young people for the opportunity to practice further and enter our County Dodgeball Competitions.


Trampolining      Many clubs have trampolines that are not in use because of a lack of qualified staff to run sessions.  We are offering young people the chance to demonstrate their skills on a trampoline and try new methods of getting or staying fit and healthy.  Participants will get the chance to learn 10 move routines and compete against each other in local competitions.

How many sessions
1 session – 2 hours

-          Learn a fun, fast and fierce new sport
-          Improved Fitness
-          Engage young people in a positive fast growing activity

Non-affiliated clubs                                        £80
Full Time Club (4-5 nights per week)         £70
Part-time Clubs (2-3 nights per week)       £65                        
Weekly Club (or less)                                    £60.50                        

Registered Charity

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP)
is a registered charity no. 305153


Units 1, 3 and 4 Edolphs Farm,
Norwood Hill Road,
Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 03B


Email: admin@scyp.co.uk
Tel: 01293 862528

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