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Club Trustee

It is not simple to define the club trustee role as it varies between clubs and is also dependent on the level of time and dedication that an individual has to offer the club.

Essentially the club wants Trustees to guide and govern them in their mission and ensure they meet their statutory and community responsibilities and lastly help with raising the profile of the club locally and raise funds.

Please review these points if you are considering a trustee role.
Becoming a trustee is significant commitment so making sure you know why you are taking on a role and what is expected of you are appropriate things to consider before you say yes (or no). Each person will have different reasons for considering a role and different motivations in taking it up. These are some points you may want to consider:
• Do you support the aims and activities of the organisation?
• Is the organisation clear about what it does and what it is seeking from a potential new trustee?
• Have you been provided with the information you want/need about the organisation and the way the Board works?
• Have you met the other trustees and what was your response to them?
• Have you met any of the staff or volunteers and do you want/feel able to support them?
• Do you feel inspired by the organisation and want to be involved?
• What is the time commitment asked and can you support it?
• Are your skills and experience going to be appropriate and valued?
• What induction and training will the organisation provide?
• Will any appropriate out of pocket expenses be reimbursed? (eg for travel to meetings)
• Are you other commitments, work, home and leisure, going to allow you to undertake this commitment?
• Are your able and willing to complete the legal and security checks required to join the Board of this organisation, including providing references, completing CRB and other security checks?
Perhaps the simplest question is: Do you want to get involved?

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